GOCOM Technology Co.Ltd


Headquartered in Hong Kong, the company has been dedicated to research and application in the field of communication for many years.Is currently engaged in communication product research and development, production, sales of high-tech companies,Through the research and independent application development of communication technology,To provide users with systematic and professional solutions.

Our business

The company has advanced technology, complete qualifications, excellent management team,

committed to domestic and foreign communication operators, information and media operators,

government and enterprise customers to provide professional integration services

, products and services covering a number of sectors.


Our development

In order to further develop and develop the mainland market, we set up a sales branch in shenzhen

in 2014 to face the mainland market and expand our market share.To provide customers in all areas of forward-looking, personalized,

high value integrated solutions, and gradually establish a sales channel and provide quality and thoughtful integrated services.


The company regards the industry responsibility as weightier

than mount tai, regards the product quality as the life!